Helen and Natsumi



 It is great to live with animals. In my elderly home we grew up

with animals. When we moved from the city to the country side we got a dog from the animal shelter. Pluim which was her name was a bastard Samoyed. She was a wonderful dog but with a past. After happily five years she past away, because of cancer.

Some time later we got Kim a pure-bred. My parents breed two nests. From the first nest we kept a female Samoyed. Her name was Nanoek. 

A few pups managed to get some titles and have given their genes to the next generation. Because of this I got acquainted on an early age with the FCI group 5; Spitz and primitive types.


Thanks to a village member I got acquainted with the breed Shikoku. This breed was enormously attractive to me because

they have a lot from the original features, which also feline.

They have a great intelligence and are very independent.

Our dog Natsumi choose me when we went to look at the nest.

I fell in love with Natsumi because of her playful, happy and affectionate character.  




After 2,5 years intensively work with Natsumi on ring training, trail tracking and soon coursing, she has a fantastic character and is a great addition to the Shikoku breed. Natsumi is also a great family dog and she feels happy when visiting elderly people. This all together make her a fantastic dog breed Shikoku. 


To be sure that Natsumi is considered to be suitable as a female dog breed, she has had all her tests like HD, heritable eye disorders ECVO and Patella Luxatie. And the outcome is very suitable.